Representative Bakewell Will Keynote at HYRC Convention

Plans for tomorrow's mock Republican convention forged ahead yesterday when the keynote speaker was announced as GOP Congressman Claude I. Bakewell of Missouri.

The announcement came late last night from William A. Rusher 3L, President of the HYRC. At that time, Rusher also said "everything was going ahead wonderfully" as the club prepared for the 500-to-600 Republicans expected to fill New Lecture Hall for the impending event.

As keynote speaker, it will be Bakewell's duty to explain the procedure of the convention, stir up enthusiasm in the boosters of the various candidates, and get the meeting off to a flying start. Rusher said he was "naturally very pleased" to have the freshman Congressman as keynoter for the convention.

Rusher Makes Opening Speech

Bakewell will deliver his address almost immediately after Rusher completes the opening speech. Immediately following the Congressman, nominating addresses will be delievered, with the actual nominations following closely.


WHRV will record the evening's events on wire, edit it, and play the finished program the following evening for the benefit of those unable to attend the actual affair. Additional coverage has been promised by the Boston papers and several national magazines.