Human Relations Experts Essential, Conant Declares

"Human relations are the key to our survival" in the divided world of today, President Conant told at Waldorf-Astoria dinner last night. The affair marked the one-hundredth anniversary of the Community Service Society of New York.

"A society with our ideals requires a wider understanding of modern man," the President said, calling for young students to enter social relations work and thereby "shape the nature of tomorrow's world."

Conant compared the United States and Russia as to their methods of handling human problems and concluded that "our problem is to see that these two worlds compete on an ideological basis under conditions at least approaching peace."

"Soviets Refuse to Change"

"The leaders of Soviet Russia," he said, "believe every other nation will eventually undergo a revolution and a dictatorship of the proletariat will be established. These rulers seem quite prepared to assist the course of history by keeping a steady pressure where they can. Their emphasis is not on change, but on orthodoxy, on party dogma."

On the other hand, "the American way of handling human problems involves keeping pace with changing times.

"On one side of the Iron Curtain you have ruthless, fanatic believers in a consistent philosophy a century old."