Riot Refugees Sweep North India

College Stymied by Housing Shortage

Since the India-Pakistan line was drawn last summer, over eight million people from the minority community on both sides have crossed the border. In Lahore, the biggest center of East Punjab University, 16,000 out of 20,000 have been forced to leave their homes.

With many housing units in the province of Punjab destroyed in religious riots, housing has often become a graver problem than food for the student community. Already the World Student Relief has been active in starting a student co-op hostel throughout the country.

Face Shelter Problem

Managed entirely by the students, hostels have alredy started functioning in Andhra, Madras, and Bengal.

One of the largest congregations of displaced students in India today is in Delhi, with a community of 4,000. Many are in ill-health and several are reported to be in an "unhinged mental condition" because of their recent privations.


East Punjab University authorities, aware of the hardships suffered by the students, still realize that a narrow financial margin still distinguishes the student class of India from the general populace. House a program of study leading to a social service degree has just been organized.