WSSF Launches Drive For Students Overseas

Food Relief Workers Set $20,000 Quota

Every door in the Houses, Yard, and graduate schools will sound with the Harvard Food Relief Committee solicitor's knock starting today as 250 men start making the rounds for the world Student Service Fund, dedicated to keeping the overseas student movement alive.

With the full approval of Dean Bender, who has authorized the drive as a legitimate additional load to the University's annual Council contribution, an organizational dragnet directed by Samuel A. Robbins '46 will try to reach every student, commuter or otherwise before the weeks in out.

Announced as the quota is $20,000, but Robbins told his hundreds of aides gathered in Adams House last night that "this is only a minimum." Of this figure, $5,000 will go to the University of Peking, China, and the University of East Punjab, India, $4,000 will go to the Salzburg Rest Center in Salzburg, and $3,000 will go both to the University of Athens and to Heidelberg.

Anything over the quota will be divided proportionally.

Robbins also disclosed to his cheering deputies, in a brief meeting which at times took on the aspects of a football pep rally, that some donors in their enthusiasm had jumped the starting gun of the drive with a total of $465.


Eyewitness reports or conditions in those formerly flourishing centers of learning will be found on page three of today's CRIMSON.