Mid-Term Grades To Be Cut in Fall

Compulsory Attendance Also to Be Dropped for Juniors, Seniors

Upperclassmen can look forward to fewer midterm grades and a minimum of seating lists next fall, thanks to a Faculty vote Tuesday revoking two 1943 rulings and returning to pre-war regulations.

The ruling rescinds temporary wartime decrees, and will put members of courses primarily for Juniors and Seniors on there own initiative as far as attendance goes. "It'll be up to them," said Sargent Kennedy '28, Registrar, yesterday.

The withdrawal of midterm grade reports from the Dean's Office listings will alter somewhat the administration of probation. Although, as Kennedy pointed out, men with two or more courses "primarily for Freshmen" can expect grades to be returned in November and April, most upperclassmen will have opportunities to go on and off probation only in February and June.

Reporting of grades to University Hall at midterm will be at the discretion of instructors from now on. They may "report to the Dean's Office a student whose work is unsatisfactory," in order to allow the Office to warn such students.

The only courses having seating lists next fall will be those composed mostly of Freshmen and Sophomores, such as History 1 or Geography 1. Kennedy was unable yesterday to state just what criteria will be used to classify any course beyond the fact that percentage of enrollment will "probably be the deciding factor."


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