Essayan Named Starting Catcher Against Eagles

Either Connolly or Godin Will Pitch

Dolph Samborski still doesn't know whether it will be Godin or Connelly tomorrow against Boston College, but he is sure of the other half of his battery: Armie Essayan will start behind the plate.

Essayan, a 22 year old Junior, sat on the bench during most of the southern trip, but his peppery performance in practice this week has impressed Samborski. It is no accrete that the throwing of his catchers down south displeased the Harvard coach. "Essayan has a good arm," he says, "and is a pretty fair hitter, too." The former Watertown High three-letterman collected two hits against Suffolk Wednesday afternoon.

Although at five-seven he is the shortest man on the squad, one of his hits was neatly-dragged bunt. Essayan has survived Varsity competition despite the fact that his foot was crushed by a truck in high school and he now wears a reinforced right shoe during games. "Take it easy on that stuff, though," he asks; "it's pretty easy to overdo it."

If Essayan performs adequately, it is likely that Samborski will shift Cliff Crosby from catcher to the infield. Crosby hit well on the road trip until he collided with Wally Coulson against Temple and has to leave the game with a sprained hand.

Crosby Regains Batting Form


Up until yesterday's intra-squad game at Soldiers Field, he hadn't been able in grip a bat. He was swinging away yesterday, though. Crosby played ball for Andover and matriculated at forward and guard for the Varsity five this winter. 'He's only a Sophomore.

Boston College Coach Fred Maguire hadn't named his starting pitcher yet, but it will probably to Steve Stuka, who quarter-backed the Eagles last fall when Clasby got hurt. Clasby plays in the infield.

B.C. is strong on catchers, with Bob Fitzgerald, regular in 1946, and Jack Fitzgibbons, who caught last spring.