Lacrosse Men, Strengthened, Trample MIT

Blame Early Defeats On Bad Condition

Bob Maddux shufiled his lineup Wednesday and played a practice game with M.I.T. The Crimson lacrosse men punched out a 4-0 win, which though unofficial at least portends some wins in the future. As to the substitutions, Captain Hans Estin, formerly the number one midfielder is now playing attack; in addition, wrestler Don Louria and Don Page have been shifted to bolster the sagging defense corps.

Miraculously enough, nine midfielders have appeared on the business school field. Paul Davidson and Fred Chamberlain, last year's Freshman attack star and Freshman goalie bobbed up in the second wave against M.I.T., with J.V. footballer Will Davis in the third midfield.

Also last season's Varsity goal tender "Algy" Allen is now throwing his weight around the midfield. Dave Abbot, Bill Kegg, Pete Withington, Bob Lang, and injured Austie Lyne round out the corps.

As for that ill-fated southern trip, the Crimson players feel that they were beaten more by lack of condition than by Maryland and Navy. They point to the 3-0 halftime score against the Terrapins to back their contention.

Play Tomorrow


Yet the other visiting firemen from up north did no better than the Varsity against their ferocious southern hosts. New England kingpin Dartmouth succombed by 17-12 to the same Terrapins who tripped the Crimson 11-0.

The initial home game is slated for tomorrow against the Boston Lacrosse Club, a collection of old college stars who still enjoy a rough session now and then with selected opponents.

The Varsity Schedule

April 10--Boston Lacrosse Club


24--New Hampshire at Durham


May 1--Dartmouth at Hanover


12--Yale at New Haven