Ho Hum --- Crime Wins, 23-2

Getting to Be a Habit

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 7 (APE)--Five consecutive grand slam home runs, two fielder's choices, and a windblown popfly double down the center field foul line pushed across 23 CRIMSON runs in the last of the ninth inning and gave the Crimeds their usual 23-2 win Friday over several armored denizens of the Bow Street Aviary before a capacity crowd of 12,345 baffled fans in Radcliffe's Annexwam.

Cat Takes Dive

R. Sibley "the Cat" Ludendorff was masterful in the eight innings he twirled. The fossilized fireballer gave up but three hits before gradual stiffness extended into his arm and forced him to retire.

But the Cat was matched almost pitch for pitch by the performance of Lionel "The Toy" Train. Train's fluid drive alone geared his pitches up to an estimated speed of six zwoncuses a minute.

Chuckle (Wy.) Bellylaugh drove in 21 of the Crimson runs. Sergeant James Toumey ran in the other two. The boatings: WE  THEY Neverstall, jg  Choo Handemedown, ss  Choo Pooshemup, tony  Train Stein, beer  Smith, trom. Bear, woolly  Punch, ugh Coxe, sic  Brelis, spade Weather, wet  Kops, ng Track, fast  Cabot, lockout Altrocchi?  Marx, engels