P A System To Carry Races

Crimson Key Will Radio to Shore

Loudspeakers and two walkie-talkie units will bring an eye-witness report of tomorrow's crew races straight from the official coaches' launch to the finish line on the banks of the Charles.

Under the auspices of the newly-formed Crimson Key, the stroke-by stroke account of all the day's races, both heats and finals, will be relayed from ship to shore and announced to the audience from the Cambridge side opposite Howard Johnson's. Gerard H. Fisher '49, member of the executive group of the Key, made the announcement last night, explaining that he had just completed arrangements.

Bingham Approves

William J. Bingham '16, expressed complete approval of the idea and went on to add that although Yale had broadcast some of their races over regular radio channels, neither the H.A.A. nor any other organization in the University had ever tried any sort of actual announcing of crew races from a close observation point on the water.

Gerald Y. Genn '48, Chairman of the Crimson Key, announced that this would be the only activity this Spring for the organization. "We found that our organization wasn't sufficiently co-ordinated to carry out any extensive program at this time," Genn explained, "but next Fall we'll get rolling by the first football game."