1952 Managerial Competitions Are Looking for You

Every Fall when the Harvard football team takes over Dillon Field House a new group of football enthusiasts takes over the Yard. From this new group comes the new football family: players, managers, and fans. Many newcomers find that lack of size or experience or some other handicap keeps them off the team. These are the men who usually enter the Freshman managerial competition.

Football managing has always been one of the most important of the Freshman extracurricular activities. Personal achievement and material rewards are the least of its compensations. The most gratifying recompense is being a member of the Harvard football family. Managers form lasting friendships with the coaches and players.

Bench Warmers

Another advantage is that time spent in managing fulfills the College's required athletic program. This year managers will make trips with the team and will sit on the bench at home games.

The principal object of the competition is to learn the system used on the field and in the office. The Competition will last six weeks. The outstanding candidate will then manage the Harvard-Yale freshman game and receive his numerals. In the spring five more managers will be selected to enter the Sophomore competitions for Varsity, J.V., and Freshman managers.


Best in the East

The managerial system at Harvard is recognized throughout the east as being the best in coordinating the functions necessary for the operation of a team. We hope that Harvard will be able to maintain this reputation--and that there will be a large turnout for the Freshman Managerial competition to help it do so.