4,205 Register Today to Jam College

5,530 Total Only 65 Short Of Undergraduate High

An estimated 4,205 upperclassmen will run the Memorial Hall mill today, shattering last spring's administration hopes for a trimmed College enrollment this fall.

Today's registration, coupled with that of 1,325 freshmen last Thursday, brings the approximate figure to 5,530--just 65 short of last year's record 5,595 and 400 more than was predicted for this term.

Associated Dean Robert B. Watson '37 blamed the lag in Selective Service operations for the oversized student body. The draft has failed to call up the extra men admitted last spring to keep the Class of '52 at a normal level, he said.

Main offshoot of the unexpectedly large enrollment is a housing shortage which has already sent over 250 students to barracks-type quarters in the gym and forced Housemasters to raise their quotas slightly above the 1947 level.

Besides the delaying the draft, two other reasons for the housing squeeze were cited by Watson:


1) The rule which made commuters out of students living within a 45-minute radius of the Square has been abolished.

2) Unmarried students have taken the place of married students who lived in non-College quarters.

Only 5,100 Expected

Last spring, Provost Buck, in announcing a rise in tuition, said that College enrollment would dip to 5100 this fall and 4700 in the spring term. With Selective Service in the offing, a large Class of 1952 was admitted. But when immediate drafting did not occur, the College was faced with a freshman class--and a total enrollment-far larger than estimated.

University registration, however, declined by over 700 students since 1947. Nine out of ten graduates schools complete registration today. The Business School has been in session for one week. Last year 12,575 persons called themselves Harvard men, but this year the University figure is down to approximately 11,860.

Two thousand fewer veterans will be taking College courses this year than in 1947. Last year there were 3,409 ex G.I.'s as undergraduates. The Class of 1952 will include only 150 veterans, as compared to 950 in the Class of 1951.