Bender Asks Council Action On Student Rights at Initial Meeting

Asks Council Check On Adviser System

A student "bill of rights" was urged by Dean Bender at the Student Council's first meeting of the year last night.

Bender asked the Council first to draw up rules on political rallies, adding that eventually a "bill of rights" on the whole question of extra-curricular activities should be devised.

Describing the Council as an "extra-ordinarily significant" influence in policy decisions, Bender called the group far above those of other colleges. However, he criticized last year's Council for attempting to do too much, occasionally without sufficient planning.

Advising System to Get Probe

Bender also requested the Council to start a thorough probe of the entire advising system, which, he explained, is being considered by a faculty committee.


Complimenting last year's Council for its work despite the difficulties of a new constitution and a new Dean, Bender concluded with a prediction that this year would be "much smoother and easier."

President William D. Weeks '49 explained that the Council will be organized this year around eight committees. Four standing committees on education, international affairs, extra-curricular activities and student welfare will be active, as well as four administrative committees on class affairs, freshman affairs, NSA, and the Service Fund.

New Plans Considered

According to Weeks, plans for this year call for investigations into students finance and employment, and further consideration of foreign exchange scholarships. Last year a plan for such scholarships was submitted by the Council but rejected by the University.

Weeks also revealed that the extensive report by last year's Education Committee, headed by David C. Poskanzer '50, is slated for release early this fall. Some of the problems on advising raising by Bender last night will be discussed in this report.

Concluding last night's meeting, the Council authorized Weeks to appoint a special committee to consider discontinuation of the Freshman Red Book.