X-Ray Cameras, Calculators Baffled by Freshman Influx

The Machine Age: A Tragedy in Two Acts

Proceedings at Memorial Church basement were thrown into a sudden uproar yesterday when authorities discovered that none of the Freshman X-rays taken last Thursday disclosed a chest. A double check revealed that either 483 Freshmen have no ribs or something went wrong with the camera.

Officials of the State Department of Hygiene discovered after further investigation that the film in their portable machine had never been exposed at all. However, all X-rays taken on Friday and Saturday were found to be in good order.

Dr. John A. Monks, in charge of the X-rays operations, said, "Apparently the film jammed and never even came out of the cylinder. Anyone who takes pictures knows how easily something like that can happen."

New Pictures

In an effort to rectify the situation, Dr. Monks announced at yesterday's Freshman mass meeting that all Thursday's X-rays patients should come to Memorial Church today beginning with the A's at nine o'clock. Men with names starting with M will start the afternoon shift around 2:30.


Meanwhile, at University Hall, the mechanical difficulties seemed to be contagious. Late Saturday, one of two IBM calculators blew a main pin while sorting exams and clattered to a stop. Sunday afternoon its twin came up with the same complaint and abruptly creased to tabulate exam results.