College Cuts Attendance Rules for Upperclassmen

In line with a Faculty ruling of last spring, daily attendance will not be taken in the majority of upperclass courses during the coming year, James G. Ducey '43, Assistant Registrar of the College, announced yesterday.

The attendance policy will be the same as that followed before the war, Ducey said. Under the rules, checks will be taken only in courses containing a majority of Freshmen and Sophomores.

There will be no discrimination within the course as to class of the individual student. Thus, a Freshman or Sophomore enrolled in a predominantly upperclass course may escape attendance, while simultaneously a Junior or Senior in a Freshman class would have to endure the daily absence record.

The policy will not hold for the last class before or the first class after Christmas and Easter vacations, Ducey pointed out. At that time, attendance will be required for all Freshmen and Sophomors not on the Dean's list, regardless of whether they are taking an upperclass or Freshman course.

Students on probation must attend all classes, Ducey declared. Individual instructors may also warn any student taking too many cuts and expel him from the course if not satisfied with his subsequent attendance.


In accordance with the new attendance program, the parietal rule book has been altered to read that students "are expected to be in Cambridge during the Reading Periods." Previously, they have been "required" to be in residence.