Freshman Sextet Lengthens Streak

Whips Arlington High At Boston Arena, 4-1

Harvard's undefeated freshman hockey team scrapped the all-win record of Arlington High, Greater Boston Interscholastic champion, winning 4 to 1 at the Arena last night.

Arlington filled in at the last minute for the scheduled Boston College squad, which was kept at home by examinations.

In a fast skating: game coach Stan Priddy's second line took top honors. With Rip Lynch weakened by the grippe, the number one line couldn't come through to score. But the combination of Morgan Hatch and Jack Snelling was just right to puncture the Arlington defenses.

The Crimson got away to a fast start and from then on it had the game under control. Arlington managed only to rack up one goal and several penalties.

In the first period Hatch and Snelling sank the first puck at 4:03, and Ned Norris put in number two at 10:51 with Snelling's assist. Arlington's All-Scholastic Leary snuck into Crimson territory several times but Ted Cook prevented any scoring.


The skaters mixed it up in the second period, where the freshman displayed their best checking. At 11:42 Arlington shot four fast ones at goalie Pat Morissey, and the fourth went in. Two minutes later Bill Timpson registered number four for the Crimson at 13:42, and the game was in the bag. HARVARD  ARLINGTON Timpson  c  Leary Koch  lw  Robson Whoriskey  rw  Meehan Bliss  ld  Emery Donelan  rd  Emmons Cook  g  Campbell Score by periods:   1  2  3--t Harvard  2  2  0--4 Arlington  0  1  0--1


First Period--Hatch (H) 4:03; Harris (H) 10:51. Second Period--Snelling (H) 8:49; Hardin (A) 11:42; Timpson (H) 13:42. Third Period--No scoring.