Radcliffe Yearbook Now Promised As 400 Girls Purchased Subscriptions

Radcliffe will have a Yearbook again this year. Four hundred subscription sales piled up last week will give the staff sufficient backing to begin work, Susan Evans '50, editor-in-chief, announced yesterday. Jays Publishing Co., publishers of the yearbook, have guaranteed a minimum book of 96 pages of features and photographs for five dollars, she reported.

The book, divided into four sections, will deal with general college life, academic departments, clubs, and classes. Student groups have agreed to help finance club sections and to assist staff members in compiling material. The student curricular committee will handle the academic departments division.

Staff members announced by Miss Evans include Frances Bonnanno '50, managing editor; Janet Kapp '50, business manager; Elizabeth Pickles '50, advertising manager; Cynthia Sweeney '50, circulation manager; Mary Grimley '50, literary editor. Enid Trinkle '50, photography editor; Sally Cahill '50, senior editor; Georgian Davis '51, club editor; Pauline Rosen '51, junior class representative; Claire Ham '50, commuter representative; and Dorothy Waelder, Dolores Heffernan, Nancy Shea, Marjorie Mackintosh, and Helen Valacellis, all '53, Freshman representatives. No sophomore appointment has been made to date.

The final subscription tally will probably hit well over 400, Miss Evans stated, considering that returns have not yet come in from commuters.