Monro Heads Fulbright Scholarship Committee

Applications Deadline Nov. 30; Over 800 Grants Available For Graduate Study Abroad

A new University committee under the chairmanship of John U. Monro '34, assistant to the Provost, was named Saturday to help speed up Harvard registration for Fulbright Scholarships.

The State Department--administrator of the government grants--has notified the University that the deadline for 1950-51 applications has been shortened to Wednesday, November 30, Monro said yesterday. As a result a seven-man committee has been set up to rush distribution of application blanks throughout the University.

Over 800 Openings

Under the terms of the Fulbright Act, over 800 American men and women will receive grants next year for graduate study or teaching positions abroad; in return foreign nationals will come to the United States for similar purposes.

Countries in the exchange are Belgium, Burma, France, Greece, Iran, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, The Philippines, and The United Kingdom.

At Harvard, seniors, graduates, and faculty members are eligible to try for the grants.

University department representatives on the new Fulbright Committee are: Wallace McDonald '44, assistant dean of the College; Reginald H. Phelps '30, secretary of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; Louis A. Toepfer LLB. '43, assistant dean of the Law School: James S. Lipscomb M.B.A. '48, assistant dean at the Business School; Reginald Fitz '06, assistant dean at the Medical School; Charles R. Cherington '35, secretary of the School of Public Administration; and Judson T. Shaplin '44, registrar of the School of Education.

Radcliffe students should apply to Graduate Dean Cronkite.