Faculty Group Reports This Team on Advising

Committee May Ask For Wide Changes

A complete report on the College's advising system-with possible sweeping recommendations for changes-will come from a special College committee before the end of this term, Dean Bender said yesterday.

The report will take up freshman advisers, departmental advisers, and tutors, and will seek to shuffle them into a system that helps students more than the current one. "The present machinery doesn't function properly," Bender said.

Bender Is Chairman

The committee, which is headed by Bender and is composed of faculty members, has worked for almost a year studying the present system and trying to find a new one that does not cost too much money.

"In too many cases," Bender said, "students can't choose courses or fields of concentration intelligently. Our goal is to get a system that will give students better advice, so that they can make the right decision."

The group has already come up with several suggestions, but in many cases has found them too costly to be practical. Its final recommendations will go to a full meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for approval.