Houston, Jones, Spivak Selected by 1950 for Commencement Marshals

851 Seniors Pick 12 Permanent Class Representatives from Record Number of Nominees

Howard E. Houston, Frank S. Jones, and Jonathan M. Spivak will lead the senior class at commencement and in alumni years as First, Second, and Third marshals, respectively.

These men rated in the top three places in yesterday's balloting for the Class of 1950 permanent class committee. The next nine men in the voting, who will join with the marshals to run all future class activities are, in order of votes received:

William L. Henry, Robert Claflin, Wilbur M. David, C. Max Kortepeter, Edward F. Burke, David M. Abbot, Amory Houghton, and Charles R. Bryneteson and Albert B. Carter, tied.

Won Scholarship

Houston, who is from Haverhill and 16 Quincy Street, was captain of the 1949 varsity football squad. He also wrestled heavyweight on the varsity in 1947 and was undefeated in 1948. This term the 24-year-old married veteran received the Francis Harden Burn Scholarship for his combined athletic and Scholastic prowess. He concentrates in Government and hopes to attend law school.

Second Marshall Jones, of Greensbore, North Carolina and Lowell House, was manager of the football team which Houston captained. He started in his first year as freshman football manager, was picked assistant varsity manager is 1947, and became the first Negro Harvard varsity manager last December. A Social Relations major, Jones plans to return to the South and teach.

851 Ballots Cast

Spivak, who comes from Washington and lives in Leverett House, enters the permanent class committee from the '50 Junior Class Committee, of which he was a member last year. He was recently named to the second All New England Soccer team, and has sprinted for the track team for three years.

A total of 851 ballots were cast from the class of approximately 1600. There was a record number of 69 candidates for the 12 positions.

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