Varsity Swimmers Sink MIT, 52-23

Captain Joe Fox Takes Both Dash Events To Pace Victory; Tech Sets Pool Mark

Coach Ulan's varsity swimming team out swam a weak MIT squad, 52 to 23, last night to open the season triumphantly. Swimming before 50 spectators at MIT's pool, the team managed to outlasts the Engineers, taking six firsts in nine events.

After MIT took the first event, the 300 yard medley relay, they lost the next five events badly, failing even to gain a second place in any of them. The Varsity squad placed successive firsts and seconds in the 220 yard free style, the 50 yard free style, diving, the 100 yard free style, and the 150 yard back stroke.

Pines of MIT outswam Vielman and Wheeler of the varsity in the 200 yard breast stroke, to win for his team its sole first in individual events. The 400 yard free style relay, which was the only other varsity defeat, was won by MIT (Baker, Coombs, Edgar, and Tobias) in 3 minutes, 44.3 seconds to set a new a MIT varsity record. The old record stood at 3 minutes, 45.1 seconds.

Win 440 Freestyle

Another varsity win came in the 440 yard freestyle, the longest race of the evening, when Kinney and Tolf of the Crimson outswam Sorenson and Damon of MIT in 5 minutes, 12 seconds.

Varsity captain Joe Fox won both the 50 yard freestyle and the 100 yard freestyle events to lead the team in points won. Steinhardt, besides winning the 150 yard backstroke, was starting man on the varsity 300 yard medley relay. Kinney, the only other varsity man to swim in two events, won the 440 yard freestyle and took a second to Bob Berke in the 220 yard freestyle.