Annex Group Votes for '49 Arts Assembly

Mary Lyons '50 Proposes Arts Conference for Next October At Annual Cedar Hill Meeting

Radcliffe will sponsor a weekend Arts Conference for students from 100-odd colleges next October, if a project sketched at the Cliffe's Cedar Hill meeting last night wins approval this term.

Mary Lyons '50 presented the plan yesterday to the 50 girls who assembled in Cabot Hall for the annual spring term meeting of class, club, and Student Government leaders.

The conference, as Miss Lyons outlined it, would be modeled on a similar affair at Vassar College last year. Colleges from Maine to Illinois and Virginia would be tapped for delegates--probably four or five apiece--and guest speakers would include famous artists, poets, dramatists, and writers.

Artist Georgia O'Keefe and dramatist Maxwell Anderson head the list of prospective lecturers, and Francis O. Matthiesson, professor of History and Literature, may be asked to chair the conference.

The Cedar Hill group also recommended yesterday that profits of the annual May Day charity bazaar, which is run by annex clubs under the direction of the Community Service Fund on May 1, to to the World Student Service Fund again this year.