Work Speeds Up on Luxurious Moors Hall

Moors Hall is ready to get plastered.

Winter snow and rain slowed up the building progress on Radcliffe's newest dormitory, but the constructors from McCutcheon Co. office said this week that building will go back on schedule this spring--provided heating contractors come through soon with plumbing and steam heat units.

Radcliffe's newest dorm will be slightly smaller than its next-door neighbor, Cabot Hall, and will square off the Annex Quadrangle across the tennis court end.

1949 features of the new dorm include ventilated smokers on each floor, three sided mirrors--an idea taken from womens' department stores--linen and kitchen rooms, and shampoo units. Shampoo units are another womens' shop idea--copied from beauty shops which provide deep sinks with attached hand hoses and they take the place of all purpose showers which most Annex residents now use for shampoos.

There are mirrors, sinks, and smokers on each of Moors' four floors--but only one sundeck, which will branch off the second floor and will be shared by all 104 residents of the dormitory.

So far, no one but the workmen have gotten a good look at the inside of the new hall during the day. One Cliffedweller, however, has minutely inspected the outside. She shinned up the scaffolding to the roof, took a long bird's eye view of Moors, and climbel down again.

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