Provost Buck Sets Up Scholarships for DP's

Approves Council Arrangement For Division in Total Costs Of Seven Entering Next Fall

Provost Buck yesterday set aside $3,675 to pay the tuition of seven Displaced Persons entering the College next year.

But the Student Council must raise money to cover all their other expenses before the College will admit the DP's as freshmen.

Provost Buck set up the scholarship in response to the "fifty-fifty" proposition of the Council, under which the College pays tuition and the Council pays room, board, and living costs. Entering DP's will still have to pass regular admission exams.

Will Ask Council for $200

Roy M. Goodman '51, chairman of the Council International Affairs Committee, will soon ask the Council for $200 as a start in the fund drive for DP living expenses. He estimates that each student will need $600 extra per year.

Goodman said last night that there would be no College-wide drive, but that the rest of the money would be raised with the help of House Committees. 'We hope that each of the Houses will adopt a DP of its own," he said.

The University will assume responsibility for the DP's for only one year, Provost Buck said. After that, they can apply for a renewal of scholarships in the regular way.