Annex '49 Votes Next Week On Commencement Officers

Radcliffe's senior class Commencement officers will be elected Monday and Tuesday under a brand new system the top three vote winners from a state of 14 girls--Luretta Davis '49, senior class president, announced yesterday.

At the same time, two permanent class officers will be named for three-year terms and Class Night chairman and co-chairman will be elected on the same ballot.

Senior class officers met earlier this week and nominated a board of 14 girls, all from the Class of '49. Every member of the class will vote next week, marking their ballots preferentially and voting for three girls.

Jobs for Top Three

The top three winners will be named to the three top Commencement posts. No. 1 will be class marshal; No. 2 chairman of Commencement exercises on June 22; No. 3 head of Baccalaureate services on June 19.

The 14 girls nominated this week include Luretta Davis, Raquel Heller, Mary Lou Buckley, Donna Cook, Barbara Heanue, Ruth Reichart, all of them senior class officers, Mary Bruchholz, Alice Gilbert, Winifred Libbon, Joan McPartlin, Joan Projansky, Francena Thomas, Irene Tinker, and Suzanne Watson.

Five Compete for Class Night

The class council also nominated a five-girl board who will run for Class Night chairman and assistant chairman on the same senior class ballot. The top two vote-getters will win the posts.

They are Ann Clark, Pauline Kuhl, Emily Lacey, Gloria Livermore, Frances MacDonald, Anita Palmer, and Patricia Troxell.

Permanent Officers Named, Too

Still another election Monday and Tuesday will be that of the so-called "permanent" class secretary and treasurer, who collect class alumnae fund contributions and turn out a column of class notes about every two months for the Annex Alumnae Bulletin.

Regular ten-name petitions received this week for permanent officers named Barbara Heanue and Ruth Marshall for secretary and Louise Pochi and Elizabeth Zacharchuk for treasurer.