Cast Is Picked for 'Mils Gloriosus'

Results of the final casting for the first Lain play at the College in 13 years, the Harvard Classical Players' "Miles Gloriosus," were announced yesterday.

Those acting in the lusty Plautus comedy will be James R. Druwnright '51, Albert I. Borowitz '51, Maurice R. Snowden instructor in Classics, George I. Mulhern '51, John E. Rexine '51, Paul T. Broneer '51, Brooks Emmons, Radcliffe '50, David L. Smith '51, Joseph B. Dellet '51, Dorothea Reynolds, Radcliffe '51, Ann Sweeny, Radcliffe '50, Marilyn Bradley, Radcliffe '51, and Andreas Lowenfield '51.

Tickets are no sale at Phillips Brooks House and the Coops for the play, to be given at 8:30 p.m. May 6 and 7 at Agassiz Theater. Mail orders are now being accepted at Holyoke 14.

The show, first classical production in University history with women in its east, tells of the deflation of a "Braggart Warrior," who is really only a recruiting officer.