Varsity Crewmen Get No Time Off In Vacation Week

Coach Tom Bolles announced yesterday that 27 Varsity crewmen will remain in Cambridge over the spring recess for daily practice.

They include: Ted Anderson, Al Carter, Louis Cox, Bill Curwon, Ham Fish, George Hewitt, Henry Howells, John Hutchinson, Charlie Iselin, Ken Keniston, Jim Mathewson, John Merrick, Nat Ober, Ed Reynolds.


Other men in Cambridge during recess will be: Charlie Rimmer, Art Rouner, Bill Saltonstall, Dave Stone, Frank Strong, Bob Taggart, Mike Thompson, Fletcher Tomic, Alex Aldrich, Russell Bath, George Furness, Bill Leavitt, and George Walker.

The Varsity 150's and the complete Jayvee and freshman boatings will be on the river throughout the week.

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