Babson Tramples Golf Team by 6-3

The varsity golf team shivered on the greens of Woodland Country Club yesterday and fell before an easily superior Babson Institute squad by a 6 to 3 count.

Bill Rickenbacker with a 73 and Bob Matson with a 74 turned in the lowest scores for the Crimson.

The Summary: Johnson (B) defeated Rickenbacker (H); Mars (B) defeated Mee (H); Beckman (B) defeated Matson (H); Hubbard (B) defeated Gorman (H); Denton (H) defeated Broadbent (B); Seager (H) defeated Alcorn (B).

Best-ball scores: Pohnson and Mars (B) defeated Mee and Rickenbacker (H); Beckman and Hubbard (B) defeated Matson and Gorman (H); Denton and Seager (H) defeated Broadbent and Alcorn.