Lacrosse Team Will Meet Tufts at Medford Today

The lacrosse team will meet its last creampuff today before banging into a row of really tough opponents.

At least Tufts was easy to beat in practice scrimmage earlier this year; and easy to beat last year. In lacrosse, however, as in any other sport, one can never be sure of these all-to-gain-and-nothing-to-lose teams.

The game will take place out at Tufts, late in the afternoon so that players with generals can recover in time.

Hans Estin, on whose injury diagnosis has been wavering, is now officially cleared of suspicion of having a broken right ankle. He turned out for practice yesterday but was limping badly and is not really expected to play today.

In his absence, Coach Bruce Munro will string along with the attack which started the New Hampshire game and did so well. The second midfield of that game, which scored all the midfield goals, has been promoted to first line duty. Defense and goal are permanent appointments, it seems.