Awards Go to Eleven Chem Section Men

Department Splits $600 Among Teaching Fellows Who Rate Highest in Student Polling

The Chemistry Department yesterday awarded $600 to the 11 section men students liked best.

The prizes were given as an incentive to better teaching, after the Department studied a poll taken among members of the six big undergraduate chemistry courses. It marks the first time in College history that students have been asked to rate their section men as a guide for the faculty.


Winners are as follows:

In Chemistry 1: first prizes to Ned Feder and Eugene G. Kovach. Second prizes to Andrew G. Kridl and Paul H. Pitkanen.

In Chemistry 2 and 3: first prize to Pelham Wilder, Jr. Second prizes to Robert Jones and Fred A. Tate.

In Chemistry 20: first prize to John Pinker. Second prize to Alfred R. Bader.

In Chemistry 40: one prize to Leon Mandell.

In Chemistry 60: one prize to William S. Richardson.

No Formula

Students were polled on the personality of their section man, his ability, and his interest in helping them. The questionnaires then went to a Department committee, which decided who were the best teachers and how the money would be split among them.

There was no set number of winners and no formula for the value of the awards. In a typical case, for a course with a $100 quota, the Committee might decide that one man deserved $70 and another man $30. Prize money came from a fund given by the Visiting Committee of the Board of Overseers.

The Chem Department has also set up a lecture program for its teaching fellows.