Bowdoin Awards Go to 5 Students

Timothy G. Foote '49, with a paper on "The Wreck of the Deutschland: An Elegy," has won this year's Bowdoin first prize, Sargent Kennedy '28, secretary of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, announced last night.

He gets $500 for his labors.

Other undergraduate winners are David M. Shapleigh, Jr. '49, who receives $300 for his second-place essay entitled "By Fygure a Morall Playe: A Study of Character Structure in the Morality Play."

Dyland Thomas

David G. Aivaz '47 captured third prize, worth $100, for an essay on "Image and Theme in the Poetry of Dyland Thomas."


Honorable mentions in the undergraduate division of the Bowdoin prizes went to Foote, who wrote a second piece, on "Father Hopkins: A Ritualist in Poetry"; Michael Roemer '49 for "Heartbreak House": and Walter S. Frank '49 for "The Tragic Equation: A Study of Marlowe's 'Faustus' and Goethe's 'Faust'."

Graduate Bowdoins

Graduate Bowdoin prizes went to Henri Dorra 1G, for his "The Power of Line: Space and Emotion in the Works of the "Thanatos' Painter in Relation to the Evolution of Greek Drawing"; and to Eric P. Hamp 2G for "The Layman Looks at Language." Each receives $300.

Other graduate winners were Richard G. Stern 1G, Cecil Y. Lang 3G, and Robert F. Hoopes 4G, all honorable mention.

Kennedy also announced award of the Francis Howen Prize to Irving Singer 1G, for ""The Concept of Good: An Inquiry into the Liquidation of the Normative."