Nine Faces Penn Here Tomorrow;

Godin to Hurl Against Runner-Up Quakers; Tight Game Probable

Stuffy McInnis' Harvard baseball team makes its final home appearance until after the exam period when it faces Pennsylvania on Soldiers Field at 3 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.

The Crimson, now holding down fourth place in the EIBL, can conceivably move up into second place by the end of the season or it can drop as low as seventh or eighth place. It depends on how Harvard fares against Penn tomorrow, against Yale next month and what Princeton and Cornell do for the rest of the season.

Penn is in second place and has made out about the same against teams which have also played Harvard. It has beaten Army, Brown, Yale, and Cornell and lost to Columbia and Princeton. Harvard beat Columbia but lost to Cornell.

Coach Howard Dallman, former star Stanford outfielder, found six veterans from the 1948 varsity to greet him in his first year at Penn. Around them Dallman has built a team which, in its first five league games, was second in the EIBL in team batting with a .255 average. After six games, Harvard was in seventh place with a .233. However, the Crimson's superior pitching may make up the difference, and besides, Harvard's hitting has been on the upgrade in its last few games.

Penn will rely on either Ed Lukivich (4-1) or Ralph Jiorle (1-1) to oppose Ira Godin. The Quaker lineup is headed by first baseman and Captain Frank Cooney, who bats third with a .339 average; center fielder Jim Smith, another better than average hitter; and third baseman Tom Mangan, currently hitting at a .345 pace.

There will be no drastic revisions in the Harvard lineup. McInnis seems to have found a combination which can produce hits and handle itself competently in the field. If a right-handed pitcher faces the Crimson, the outfield will be Ed Foynes, Hal Mofile, and Chuck Roche; if it is a southpaw, John Caulfield and Herbie Neal will switch with Foynes and Roche. Both sets of outfielders have shown improved hitting. The changed batting order, which has Mofile batting third and Ernie Mannino fifth, also is likely to stick. Mannino is the club's leading hitter with a sharp .336 average.

On Monday, the team journeys to Providence for a non-league encounter with Brown. Harvard's final game until after exams. The Crimson beat Brown, 8 to 3, in a league contest earlier in the year. Since then, the Bruins have beaten Columbia, Navy, and Princeton, and lost to Penn, Cornell, and Yale. They have proved more effective on their own Aldrich Field than on the road. Barry Turner will pitch for the visitors.