Wayne University Ousts 'Politically Controlled' AYD

There are many instances throughout the country where left-wing student organizations have been banned. The American Youth for Democracy is the most frequently mentioned of these groups. The following statement was sent to the CRIMSON by the administration of Wayne University in reply to an inquiry on the occasion in April, 1947, when the A.Y.D. was barred at Wayne:

"Wayne University chapter of the American Youth for Democracy was banned April 8, 1947, following receipt by Wayne President David D. Henry of a letter from the United States Department of Justice supporting J. Edgar Hoover's assertion before the congressional Committee on un-American Activities that the A.Y.D. was a Communist front and that A.Y.D. groups 'could be termed Communist youth recruiting centers.'

No Disassociation

"The local chapter was first asked to disassociate itself voluntarily - from the state and national A.Y.D. This it refused to do. The university's ban of the A.Y.D. followed, based on 1) the evidence that the local group's purposes were different from those under which it had been granted recognition as a campus activity group and 2) the evidence that it was subject to the influence or control of an outside political organization. There was no connection between the university's action in this matter and any appropriation measure."