Yale Sits Out Its Polio-Caused Ban On Football Work

Yale University, starting yesterday to wait out its ten-day polio incubation period, made plans to reschedule tomorrow's postponed Fordham football game for the Saturday two weeks after the Harvard-Yale game.

Officials also announced that next Saturday's Yale-Columbia game in New York will go on as scheduled, despite the fact that the Eli eleven will have but one day of heavy scrimmage work when the ban on heavy practices ends next Friday.

The athletic association will have a definite decision at noon today on the projected rescheduling of the Fordham game. Meanwhile the association said that a freshman soccer game with Hopkins Grammar School and all intra-mural touch football and soccer contests will go on as scheduled, because Yale believes the contact there involved is "less direct" than in tackle football.

When the three Yale polio cases were reported, Yale explained that direct contact and heavy exercise in athletics was to be avoided.

Hospital physicians issued favorable reports yesterday on all three cases.