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14 Nominated for Overseer Posts


Fourteen candidates for Overseer, seven of whom will be elected this year, were announced last Saturday by Peter E. Pratt '40, Secretary of the Alumni Association.

Besides the Overseers, four Directors-at-Large of the Alumni Association from a slate of 11 will be chosen, one Graduate School Director out of two candidates, and three members of the Harvard Fund Council from a choice of eight alumni.

Additional candidates may be nominated by petitions signed by not less than 200 alumni and filed with the Board of Overseers by February 14. These names, together with those of the men chosen by the Association, will appear on a ballot which will be sent to graduates in the spring.

Due to the deaths this year of Overseers Isiah Bowman '05 and Lawrence Coolidge '27, two more Overseers than the usual five will be elected.

The candidates for Overseers are: Harrison Tweed '07, New York, Law; Roger Adams '09, Chicago, Chemistry; Frederick Lewis Allen '12, New York, publishing; Raymond S. Wilkins '12, Boston, Judiciary; John E. Slater '13, New York, Shipping; Christian A. Herter '15, Boston, Government; and John S. Fleek '15, Cleveland, Finance.

Other nominees are Robert Cutler '16, Boston, Finance; John T. Noonan '19, Boston, Law; Jack I. Straus '21, New York, Mercantile Business; Geoffrey S. Smith '22, Philadelphia, Finance; William L. White '24, Emporia, Kansas, Journalism; Neil H. McElroy '25, Cincinnati. Manufacturing; and Henry Chauncey '28, Princeton, New Jersey, Education.

Nominees for Director-at-Large are: Alan J. Lowry '13, Paul M. Mazur '14; Clement K. Stodder '17; James Coggeshall, Jr. '18; Cass Canfield '19; Arnold Horween '20; Charles C. Buell '23; William A. Coolidge '24; John H. Pratt '30 Charles F. Adams, Jr. '32; and Thomas W. Stephenson '37.

Harvard Fund Council candidates are: Sydney P. Clark '14; Robert T.P. Storer '14; F. Gregg Bemis '22; Robert P. Bullard '24; James A. Singer '27; August Belmont '31; Roger H. Hallowell '33; and Charles P. Woodard '35.

Sidney A. Swensrud M.B.A. '27, and Edward W. Carter M.B.A. '37 are candidates for Graduate School Directors.

According to the original act establishing the Board of Overseers, passed in 1642, the duties of the group are to "establish such orders statutes and constitutions . . . necessary to the instituting, guiding and furthering of said (Harvard) college."

Included under these provisions was "the full power to dispose, order, and manage all lands, gifts, legacies, bequeathals and donations that shall be received by the college."

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