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Some personal characteristics of Dr. Henry A. Murray '15, University psychologist, were attacked by Assistant United States Attorney Thomas E. Murphy, prosecutor in the Alger Biss LL.B. '29 trial, last Friday.

Earlier in the week Dr. Murray said that Whittaker Chambers, the chief witness for the prosecution had a "psychopathic personality" and was an accuser who tried to "smear, degrade, and destroy a valued person."

Murphy, cross-examining the psychologist, asked: "Doctor, would you describe your personality as normal?"

"Relatively," Dr. Murray replied.

Mouth Twitches

Murphy replied that "there is no such thing as normal." The prosecution continued: "Would it be of any significance to you if you noticed that a subject's mouth twitched, that his eyes opened and closed, that he had excessive hand gestures, that he played with his watch chain and his glasses and his nose, that he turned his head constantly and breathed heavily through his nose?"

"No sir," replied Dr. Murray.

Dr. Murray had displayed some of the characteristics mentioned while under direct examination Thursday.

Disorder Incurable

The Harvard psychologist charged in his earlier testimony that Hiss' accuser had an incurable mental disorder. He said there was a saying "that once a psychopath, always a psychopath." His diagnosis was in agreement with that of Dr. Carl O. Binger '10, New York psychiatrist.

Dr. Murray made an analysis of Adolph Hitler for the government during the war and predicted the German dictator's suicide.

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