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Conant Letter Calling for End Of Proposed Measure Read Before Massachusetts House


The Massachusetts House of Representatives by voice vote rejected Tuesday a bill to investigate "the infiltration of communist doctrines into the teaching systems in the commonwealth."

A letter from President Conant attacking the bill, was read to the House by Representative Gordon Boynton of Boston. It had previously been read at the Constitutional Law Committee's hearing of the bill.

Representative Ralph W. Sullivan of Boston, author of last year's Sullivan Bill, fried to get the new measure sent to the Education Committee of which he in chairman, for further consideration. His proposal was defeated.

Termed Ineffective

Boynton, speaking for the Committee on Constitutional Law, which reported the bill unfavorably, said the measure "would be ineffective as well as a violation of fundamental rights concerning limitation or investigation of free speech."

"Suppression of freedom of speech does not defeat communism, or fascism, or any other -ism," he declared.

Neither of the two authors of the bill, Representatives Bernard M. Lally and John J. Concannon of Boston, spoke in favor of their proposal. Representative Sherman Miles of Boston recommended sending the bill to the Education Committee, but added that he planned to vote against adoption of the measure.

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