Mountain Scaler Lies Unconscious After Sunday Fall

John M. Forbes '54 was reported still unconscious with a brain concussion at the North Conway Memorial Hospital after a Jr. foot-ball from a rocky ledge on the Mount Washington pinnacle Sunday. Doctors are optimistic about his recovery, although it is still too early to predict, the effects of the injury.

Forbes was lead man on the climb with Henry H. Francis, Jr. '54 second, and John S. Humphreys H. '54, third man on the rope. According to Franels, Forbes was exploring a lodge 15 fact above him when he fell backwards. Francis says that he had taken all precautions. He had tied himself to the rock on which he was standing by wedged-in spikes.

Francis pulled in the slack in the rope as Forbes fell and lot out slack as Forbes hit the end to prevent a sudden jerk. Then Francis lowered him to a clump of bushes below. Humphreys stayed with Forbes during Francis' two hour scramble back to got help.

Joseph Dodge of the Pinkham Notch Appalachian Mountain Club directed the rescue.

None of the three climbers are members of the Mountaineering Club.