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Selective Service Clarification


To clear up any confusion that might have been caused by yesterday's article which contained some misinformation, the CRIMSON prints the following official statement on the draft from University Hall:


Students who are ranked in the upper half of their class may be deferred for a period of 12 months or less by their local draft boards. Such deferments are entirely at the discretion of the local board. At the expiration of the deferment, the student's case in reconsidered and he may be deferred for an additional time of 122 months or less if the draft board so wishes.


All students regularly enrolled in college before receiving a call from their local draft boards, may request postponement of induction until the end of the academic year. Draft boards must grant such a postponement. At the expiration of the postponement period, such students are automatically called into service. There will be no second physical examination at that time, merely a screening test.

Most draft boards will require all students to take their physicals during the academic year regardless of whether such students are to have their induction postponed.


Draft boards are not interested in, and do not want transcripts of grades of individual students. The information required to be given by the University is whether or not a student was ranked in the upper half of his class at the end of the previous academic year. This information is available in University Hall.


For deferment purposes, draft boards are only interested in whether a man ranked in the upper or lower half of his class in his final year as an undergraduate.

In all cases, the board wants to know that the student fully intended, prior to August 1, 1950, to enroll in a full time course of instruction.

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