Experts Speak On Far East, Korean Crisis

Edswin O. Reischaner, professor of Far Eastern languages, and John K. Fairbank '29, professor of History, will discuss the Korean crisis at 7:30 p.m. tonight at the Kirkland House Junior Common Room.

The first in a series on contemporary issues, this forum will bring together two experts on the Far Eastern situation. Fairbank is a member of the Committee on Far Eastern Studies and director of the regional study program on China.

Regional Study Member

Reischauer is also a member of the Far Eastern Studies committee and an instructor in the regional study program.

Topics of the discussion will include the crossing of the 38th parallel, the rebuilding of Korea and the possibilities for a unified government for all Korea.


Although the forum committee has not announced any future programs, it plans to touch on many topics of interest to the prospective student audience.

Both Reischauer and Fairbank supported the United States' decision to halt the North Korean invasion, but were equally critical of President Truman's move to protect Formosa with the Seventh Fleet.