Nash Speaks for Federated World

"There is nothing to lose in forming a World Federation, so why not try now?"

The was the principle of a speech on "the Prospects of a Governed World" given last night at Phillips Brooks House by Vernon Nash, program vice president of the United World Federalists, at the first fall meeting of the Harvard World Federalists.

Nash went on to state that history has shown that a strong world government is the only means for ending continual wars. "The batting average is with us" he said, as he refered to the historic struggle by nations of world conquest.

Never Completely Ready

Although the nations of the world are not ready for a world federation, Mr. Nash insisted that now is the time to form such a government because they never will be "ready."


In answering questions from the small crowd assembled, Nash made clear that World Federalism is a crusade for the supremacy of law, not "a brotherhood of man." He added that under a federated system the internal laws and functions of each individual nation would remain intact.