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Captain of Detectives Patrick F. Ready said yesterday that "there is nothing to indicate foul play" in the death of Jeremiah Brickman 2L who died Saturday night at Peter Bont Brigham Hospital from injuries allegedly received Thursday.

Ready said that bruises on Brickman's forehead caused detectives to suspect foul play. But medical reports yesterday lead him to believe that Brickman died of a hemorrhage, since he came into the building dizzy, and says Ready, perhaps fainted in the bathroom.

Yesterday an official at Assistant State Medical Examiner Dr. Michael A. Luongo's office said, however, that the case is "still open." Brickman, he stated, died of a fracture of the skull, sub-dural hemorrhage, and confusions and lacerations of the brain. He also had a cut in the neck. The medical official said that Brickman "many possibly have been struck by something."

D.A. Will Investigate

Medical officials do not usually look into the case any further than the original autopsy, but since the student had a fractured skull, he said, they have asked police to find whether the fracture was inflicted or caused by an accident. George A. Thompson, District Attorney of Middlesex County, has been asked to investigate.

According to Hillel society members, Brickmen entered the building at 5 Bry- ant Street and came up the stairs past Rabbi Maurice L. Zigmond and two Hillel officers who were talking together in a second floor room. Rabbi Zigmond said that he noticed Brickman was "quite pale." Brickman said that he was going to use the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, Zigmond, closing the building, found Brickman slumped on a sofa in the television room beside the bathroom.

Sheldon Goodman 2L, Brickman's roommate, who accompanied him to dinner, said that he did not notice that he was pale. "I was with him until he went into Hillel House. I did not notice anything wrong with him up to that time."

Delirious and Pale

Rabbi Zigmond said that when they found Brickman on the sofa, he was delirious and very pale. He could not answer any questions coherently, the rabbi stated. All that could be understood was "I'm sleepy, I'm sleepy." Brikcman then fell unconscious and was taken to Stillman Infirmary and thence to the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital.

Later when Rabbi Zigmond looked into the bathroom, he found a bloodspot on the floor near the doorway. Brickman's glasses were lying unbroken on the tile floor. Another blood spot was on the sofa in the television room.

Rabbi Zigmond said that Brickman was "a fine boy and a serious student."

His roommate, Goodman, stated that he "did not know of any incident during the week which would have caused a slow hemorrhage. He was in high spirits all week.

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