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The Lampoon is still on the hook, but both the city and the College have announced they will decide today what to do about the publishers of the Saturday parody of Midwestern college humor magazines.

Judge Arthur P. Stone '93 took under advisement yesterday morning the case of the Cambridge Police Department against the magazine. He said he will make a statement today concerning future disposition of the case.

Associate Dean Watson said yesterday that "the Administrative Board will consider the matter at its regular meeting" this afternoon.

Acting Chief of Police Patrick J. McCarthy asked the court to charge the 'Poonsters with "distributing obscene material through minors." The material referred to is a two-page spread of suggestive cartoons reprinted in The Pontoon, a satire of such magazines as those from which the drawings were photographically reproduced.

Trial or Nothing

Judge Stone's alternatives for handling the case are to permit the making out of complaints or declaration of causes for refusing such permission. If he chooses the former, a trial will be scheduled for the editors of the Lampoon.

The magazine has retained City Councillor Joseph A. DcGuglielmo '29 as its attorney. He appeared in its behalf yesterday.

Watson said yesterday afternoon, "I have talked with the editors and I have talked with the trustees and they have submitted copies of the magazines on which they based their parody. I have no idea whatsoever as to the direction the Administrative Board's action may take."

"I wish the newspapers wouldn't print so much about this," he added, "because then everybody will be expecting the board to punish the Lampoon men ... They've already had their punishment."

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