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"Our conflict with Russia is not merely a competition in arms; it is fundamentally a contest in productions," Sumner H. Slichter, Lamont University Professor maintains in his article "Business and Armament" in the November "Atlantic Monthly."

Industrial output will be increased, according to Slichter, by a larger labor force, greater technological discovery, more productive uses of labor, training men in crafts, and accelerated replacement of equipment.

Slichter asserts that success in winning the production race with Russia will depend on avoiding two great dangers. "The government must not handicap industry by unduly taxing away supplies of investment-seeking funds, and military policy must not prevent the increase in professional and technical workers badly needed for expanding technological research."

In a further production, Slichter states that if the conflict with Russia caused a four percent production increase and if the additional defense outlays were about $18,000,000,000 a year, the production gain would entirely offset increased military expenditures after six years.

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