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The John Reed Club, farthest left of College political organization, has apparently dissolved or perhaps gone underground.

Since the beginning of the term, the John Reeders have been completely absent from the College scene. Yesterday, even Associate Dean Watson's office was unable to locate a single member of the political group.

A key to the club's new office in the Student Activities Center that is still is Watson's possession has been neither picked up nor inquired about.

Undergraduate organizations are supposed to file a membership list with the Dean's Office at the beginning of each year but the J.R.C. Has obviously not done so.

The J.R.C., in fact, objected to the membership regulation last spring when the rule was being considered by the Student Council during a revision of the College's regulations relating to extracurricular organizations.

Officers Gone

Last year's president of the J.R.C., Donald M. Long '51, was suspended from College during the summer for academic reasons. The vice-president, Philip H. Ennis 3G, said early last month that he "was no longer associated with the club."

Another person unofficially associated with the J.R.C., Mrs. William H. Riecken, Radcliffe '49, has disappeared from the focal scene and is reported to have gone to California where her husband had gotten a teaching job.

A rumor which circulated during the summer to the effect that the J.R.C. had been banned by the College was declared untrue by the Dean's Office three weeks ago. Dean Watson said at that time, however, that he thought the J.R.C. might have trouble raising the 20-man roster necessary for recognition.

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