Princeton Registers 63-26 Rout For Worst Crimson Beating Yet

Lowenstein's Passing Excels for Losers

PRINCETON, November 11--Led by the brilliant passing of tailback Carroll Lowenstein, Harvard scored more points than in any of its last 15 games, but a 399-yard aerial exhibition could not match the devastating speed and blocking of an undefeated Princeton team as it routed the Crimson 63 to 26.

For the record, the Tigers' nine touchdowns and nine conversions amounted to the highest number of points scored against a Crimson eleven in 77 years of intercollegiate competition. Had Coach Charlie Caldwell played his first backfield say more than 14 minutes the score might have been 112 points.

The Crimson defense was nearly run out of Palmer Stadium by Princeton's first siring backs, who scored 28 points in the first 11 minutes of play, but Lowenstein and associates refused to be overawed and insisted upon staging a minor blitzkrieg of their own.

16 Completions in 33 Trios

Pliching largely against Princeton's first string defense, including All-America candidates Holland Donan, Lowenstein completed 16 out of 33 passed, two of which were good for touchdowns.

Lowenstein had his first chance to exploit the porous Tiger pass defense when a ten yard run by wingback Dave Warden and an 18 yard Warden to Lowenstein pass gave Harvard the ball on the Tiger 30 yard line. On the third down, Lowenstein picked off Warden on the three yard stripe. Warden, who was five steps ahead of Princeton's first string safety-man, went over for the first Crimson score. STATISTICS   Princeton  Harvard Yds. gained, rushing  443  27 First downs  23  12 Forward passes  12  38 Passes completed  5  17 Yds. Gained, passing  117  258 Punts  6  8 Punt average  25  31.2 Yds. penalized  55  33

Periods  1  2  3  4  Totals Princeton  28  7  7  21  63 Harvard  0  6  7  13  26'

In the third period Lowenstein set up another score when he pitched a 20 yard pass to quarterback Gill O'Neil, who caught the ball on the Princeton 18 and went to the eight. On the fourth down the five-foot nine-inch passer hit end Paul Crowley at the extreme corner of the end zone.

A series of perfectly executed passes from Lowenstein to Crowley and Warden early in the fourth period moved the ball from the Harvard 30 to the Princeton 28 where a Tiger interception halted the drive. The Crimson defense took advantage of this ill-fated drive into scoring to kick from the 13 yard line. Dick Hyde blocked Bill Tryon's boot and Bill Rosenau fell on the ball in the end zone for the score.

The Crimson's final drive began on its own 31 yard line and went to the Tiger six on two passes from Lowenstein to Crowley, the second one being scooped off the ground by the sophomore end. On the first play from scrimmage, Lowenstein started around right end and just before he was hit lateraled to John West, who scored standing up.

Before and in between those Crimson aerial drives, Charlie Caldwell had control of the scoreboard. The Harvard line was able to halt the plunges of fullback Jack Davison, but the ends and secondary were either faked out of play by single-wing reverses, smashed by perfect blocking, or, as was largely the case, simply out-run by Dick Kazraier, Ed Janotta and a third string fullback listed as Jim Gorter