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Some Maids Do Not Favor Higher Wages


The University's employees' union has asked for a ten cent an hour wage increase, it was learned yesterday. The increase would effect maids, engineers, janitors and the Grounds Department.

The one-year contract signed between the union and University last July 1, was binding with the exception of an open clause which allowed the union to ask for wage increases proportional to "increase in the coast of living." Five-day-work-week for the maids was one of the binding features of the contract.

Maids Opinion Unclear

Though the whole of the union voted for the wage increase, it could not be determined whether the maids, on the basis of winning a five-day-work-week, were satisfied with the present arrangement and opposed the wage increase.

Some maids said yesterday that they were satisfied with their new workweek, and the there was fear among many of them that demands for a wage increase would jeopardize their jobs.

No Official Comment

Official comment was lacking from both the University and union president Daniel G. Mulvihill said that the union would release a statement tomorrow noon. The union thus far has remained silent o the situation, ad it is not believed that a union-University conference has been held.

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