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William A. Heaman, the manager of the Dining halls, has enthusiastically announced the purchase of 500 circular trays and is about to slip them, "on trial basis," into the dining halls. We cannot share his enthusiasm.

The Graduate Commons has been using these trays since the beginning of the year, and they are unsuccessful, if not dangerous. There is, first of all, no starting point on a circular tray; the unsuspecting diner may find himself commencing his meal as often with a grapefruit as with a leek. Worse that that, the circular trays tend to revolve under the slightest pressure of fork or finger; the centrifugal force generated by a hungry student can send sprays semi-liquid food onto his neighbors. A spinning tray can also cause dizziness.

Heaman says that his trays will be "sand-colored, bring out the natural color of the food." We are pleased to see that Heaman at least based his decision on a good working knowledge of the color of a meals.

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