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Gabler Makes 19 Points In Crimson's Loss


Three men who have started for the Crimson basketball team at one time or another during the season were unable to play last night as their team lest, 48 to 76, to Boston College. Every one of these men--Ed Smith, Dick Lionette, and Jim Urdan--is over six feet two inches tall.

This lack of height proved the clincher, but B. C. was decidedly the faster and better team. The Crimson, led by John Stevenson and high-scorer Jim Gabler (19 points); managed to stay even during the first ten minutes of play, but B. C.'s superior shooting and speed proved too much.

Good Zone

The Crimson's zone defense kept B. C. baffled for the first part of the game, but very fine passing and ability to outrun their opponents enabled the Eagles to break through with increasing frequency.

John Stevenson started at center for the Crimson and did a fine job in view of the fact that he is suffering from an injured heel and hand't played for over a week.

Lack of first-rate reserves also kept the Crimson from playing its best game. In the second half B. C. broke through the Crimson zone defense on fast breaks more and more easily. The losers were unable to compete with General McClellan's strong bench.

Froest Hansen and Jim Gabler played outstanding games for the Crimson. Sophomore Hansen's ball-stealing and scrambling broke up many B. C. plays, while Gabler's one-handed push shots were very offective.

Freshmen Lose to B. C.

The freshman basketball team, after tying the game up at half-time, fell behind badly in the second period and lost to the Eagle yearlings, 70 to 55. In the decisive half, the winners plunked in a very high 39 percent of their shots and controlled the backboards.

Captain Bill Dennis and center Ed Blodnick pulled the Crimson up from behind in the first half. In the next period the Crimson missed many easy lay-up shots, while tim O'Hara led the Eaglets with long set shots, piling up 16 points. Dennis shot little and made only four points in the second half, while Blodnick was also held down.

The Harvard summary: G.  F  Pts. Hickey, g  2  0  4 Murphy, g  3  2  8 Bramhall  1  0  2 Stevenson, c  3  1  7 Switzer  1  0  2 Hansen, f  2  2  6 Radmond  0  0  0 Gabler, f  7  5  19 Lemay  0  0  0 Totals  19  10  48 The Boston College summary: G  F  Pts. O'Toole, rf  2  4  8 Fitzgerald, lf  3  1  7 Deegan, c  7  4  18 Silk  6  7  19 Norton  0  1  1 Duggan, rg  0  1  1 Sincoski  2  2  6 Gaffney  3  1  7 O'Connell, lg  3  3  9 Totals  26  24  76

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