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Let's face it. School doesn't get out until the 21st. Four days later you're home end they're expecting Christmas presents. The diligent student is faced with the problem of how to beat a foreboding situation.

To solve this dilemma the CRIMSON hare with offers the first of a group of selected gifts for your inspection. By wandering through the streets of Cambridge and Boston we have attempted to pick items which are either unique in themselves, or of such high value that they are worthy of your attention.

The choices are made to satisfy a variety of tastes. We offer you several articles which can stand not only on their own merits, but which will also indicate that you've devoted considerable time and effort to their selection. This miniature shaving kit is one of the newest things on the market. It has compartments for four separate items, a brush a razor, after shaving lotion, shaving soap, and a space to hold blades. The whole thing measures four inches across. It's a great gimmick for people who make overnight trips. Complete, it comes to $7.50 and it has a special 14 karat gold shield on the top where initials can be engraved. Shreve, Crump and Lowe will handle the works before your Christmas exodus. This traveling iron is another article from Shreve's. Imported from England it's a necessity for people who travel. About four inches long it's made for use both in the United States and Europe. The AC or DC plug is set for 100-150 volts for use in the U.S. and with its special adapter and European sockets can handle up to 50. The iron and adapter comes in a neat leatherette case and is fine for either a woman or man. This package contains almost everything people expect in the carefully selected gift. It's different, practical and inexpensive. $15. HSM, RLW

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