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Twenty-eight Girls Compete for Positions; Seven Winners Will Take Office Thursday


Balloting for the Radcliffe Student Government officers will take place today and tomorrow. Twenty-eight nominees are vying for the positions of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, sophomore member, NSA delegate, and alternate.

Voting for dormitory students began last night and will continue through dinner time tomorrow. Commuters will vote in Agassiz between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on both days.

The new officers will be announced at a mass meeting of the student body at 1 p.m. Thursday in Agassiz. The official duties of the new officers will not begin until after spring vacation, when both old and new councils will hold a joint meeting.

Nominees for Student Government positions are:

President--Georgianne Davis '51 of Moors Hall and Indianspolis; CRIMSON correspondent; publicity director, Drumbeats and Song; secretary, Radio Radcliffe ('47-'48); Press Board, Boston Post ('48-'49), Boston Herald; Yearbook.

Leslle Guy '51 of Gilman House and Binghamton, New York; freshman class treasurer; Athletic Association; secretary, Interfaith Council ('48-'49); house committee ('48-'49); dorm-commuter committee.

Elizabeth Heaton '51 of Briggs Hall and Wellesley; NSA delegate; house committee; chairman, community service committee ('48-'49); president, 20 Walker St. ('48-'49); freshman dance committee; Choral Society ('47-'48).

Barbara Higgins '51 of Everett House and Augusta, Maine; Dance Group; Athletic Association; Choral Society; Drumbeats and Song.

Deborah Labenow '51 of Moors Hall and New York; CRIMSON correspondent; NSA, International Affairs Commission Bulletin; Press Board, Boston Post; publicity committee; officer, Playwrights Group; Radcliffe News ('47-'48).

Carol Smith '51 of Moors Hall and Norfolk, Virginia; secretary, Student Government; president, 33 Healey St. ('48-'49); chairman, social committee ('48-'49); chairman, freshman dance; circulation manager, Signature ('48-'49).

Vice-President--Ann Cummings '51 of Briggs Hall and Wollaston; dorm-commuter committee; Choral Society; Idler Board.

Jean O'Brien '51 of Moors Hall and Belmont; treasurer, Student Government; ticket chairman, Drumbeats and Song; library committee ('48-'49); circulation manager, News ('48-'49); treasurer, Catholic Club ('48-'49); freshman dance committee; community service ('47-'48).

Cynthia Williams '51 of Gilman House and Baltimore, Maryland; co-chairman, dorm-commuter committee; treasurer, NSA purchase cards; house committee ('48-'49); vice-president, freshman class; Drumbeats and Song.

Secretary--Phebe Crampton '52 of Cabot Hall and Cohasset; president, sophomore class; Athletic Association; house committee; Idler; chairman, freshman dance; house committee ('48-'49).

Margaret Fechhelmer '52 of Moors Hall and Montgomery, Ohio; assistant publicity director, Drumbeats and Song; class committee; freshman work committee chairman.

Jean McCollum '52 of Henry House and Shaker Heights, Ohio; house president; chairman, student employment committee; secretary, freshman class.

Treasurer--Susan Anderson '52 of 33 Healey St. and Madison, Wisconsin; house president; Choral Society; house committee ('48-'49).

Elizabeth (Becky) Bibber '52 of Henry House and Schenectady, New York; production manager, Radio Radcliffe; house committee; Athletic Association; sophomore-junior dance; Choral Society ('48-'49).

Ruth Prager '52 of Roxbury; Radcliffe News; chairman, Zionist Organization; Hillel.

Elizabeth Tucker '52 of Henry House and West Hartford, Connecticut; sophomore member, Student Government; class committee; NSA, steering committee; Athletic Association; freshman council representative; Choral Society ('48-'49).

Mary Jane Wade '52 of Salem; Radcliffe News; commuter tickets, Drumbeats and Song; Idler; officer, Playwrights Group; Catholic Club; freshman weekend.

Gloria Wagstaff '52 of Cabot Hall and Framingham; program editor, Drumbeats and Song; publicity committee; business manager, Signature; house committee; freshman weekend; Radcliffe News ('48-'49); Choral Society ('48-'49).

Sophomore Member--Anna Kris '53 of Moors Hall and New York; community service representative.

Patricia Partridge '53 of Cabot Hall and Gardner; Choral Society.

Pamela Pond '53 of Barnard Hall and Hamden, Connecticut.

Sarah (Betsy) Pond '53 of 51 Walker St.; Choral Society.

Nancy (Holly) Walker '53 of Briggs Hall and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida; vice-president, freshman class; NSA.

NSA Delegate and Alternate--Julla Ashenhurst '51 of 12 Ellery St. and Branford, Connecticut; chairman, community service committee; NSA; co-chairman, May Day Bazarre ('48-'49); Choral Society; house committee ('47-'48); Harvard radio network.

Judith Frost '51 of Bertram Hall and Westport, Connecticut; NSA; community service representative ('48-'49); Pan-American Club ('48-'49); NSA steering committee ('48-'49); Choral Society ('47-'48); League for Democracy ('47-'48).

Jean McCormick '51 of Eliot Hall and Westport, Connecticut; NSA alternate delegate, president, Eliot Hall; Athletic Association Council ('48-'49); Students for Democratic Action ('48-'49); house committee ('47-'48).

Louise Pollack '52 of Whitman Hall and Highland Park, Illinois; NSA; Choral Society; community service ('48-'49).

Letitia Young '51 of 55 Garden St. and Washington, D. C.; house president; NSA; Radcliffe News ('48-'49); Christian Fellowship ('48-'49).

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